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Pretty clever – Siemens table ventilation units only appear when you need them.

The classic – Siemens wall-mounted chimney hoods are easy to install and look splendid in any kitchen.

Fresh air for your cooking island – Siemens island chimney hoods and ceiling ventilators work wherever you need them to.

Well integrated – a Siemens telescopic hood easily fits into an upper cabinet and can be pulled out as needed.

An elegant solution – Siemens integrated extractor hoods are a harmonious fit in your kitchen.

You might like this – Siemens canopy hoods fit completely into cabinet and wall elements.

Automatically adjusts the fan speed to the amount of steam in the air - the climateControl Sensor

Siemens cooker hood with cleanAir

The innovative climateControl Sensor is installed invisibly in the cooker hood duct. During cooking it measures the intensity or contamination of the vapours and automatically adjusts the fan to the appropriate speed. Once you are finished with cooking, it switches to automatic after-running for 10 minutes for a long-lasting fresh climate in the kitchen, before automatically switching off. The climateControl Sensor is activated by the "auto" button on the cooker hood.

Performance to be proud of. The cleanAir recirculation module

Siemens cleanAir is an innovative recirculation module that will impress you. You can easily install it without modification in many Siemens extractor hoods, where it ensures top performance.

The fins and large surface area of the special activated charcoal filter remove up to 95% of odours and returns pure air into the kitchen. This figure is identical to that of an air extraction system and surpasses conventional recirculation systems. The efficient grease separation rate is also comparable with an air extraction system. And with all this, the cleanAir module is also very quiet.

The advantages are obvious: recirculation systems don't need a duct to the outside. In the winter that means no heat is lost to the outside, while in the summer, air-conditioned air stays where it is supposed to: inside.

Siemens extractor hood with cleanAir

Perfect solutions for design and function. Siemens extractor hoods

Siemens wall-mounted chimney hood

Every kitchen is different. So Siemens has an extensive portfolio of attractive extractor hoods that leave no wish unanswered and open up new possibilities for your kitchen's interior. From innovative table ventilation units that sink back down into the counter after you're finished cooking, to classic wall-mounted chimney hoods and invisible fan modules, Siemens has the right extractor hood for any need.

Despite all this variety, Siemens extractor hoods have some things in common. They have modern motors, and combine high suction performance with minimum noise. With their innovative filter systems, Siemens extractor hoods reliably remove vapours, grease and odours, and are among the world's most effective. With their timeless modern design, high-quality materials and solid workmanship, Siemens extractor hoods offer satisfaction for the life of the appliance.

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