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Form and function – Siemens freestanding freezers feature flexibility, innovative technology and lots of extra space.

Understatement – Siemens built-in upright freezers give you pure performance and convenience, coordinated with your kitchen's interior.

Multi-talents – Siemens combination refrigerator-freezers provide cooling and freezing, one on top of the other in the same unit.

New dimensions – Siemens side-by-side models impress with lots of extra space, side by side.

Perfect freezing. No defrosting – ever.

Frozen yes, ice no. Siemens noFrost technology keeps ice from forming on the interior walls, and frost from forming on your food. Thanks to the innovative air circulation system, Ice and frost don't have a chance. And what does it need from you? Nothing. Never defrost again.

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Siemens noFrost technology

Everything fits here. The Siemens bigBox.

Siemens bigBox

Sometimes you just need more space in your freezer, like when you are stowing bulky foods or containers. Whether it is an entire leg of lamb, a stack of pizzas or a tall can, it will fit into a bigBox freezer. The bigBox is unusually high so you have plenty of room to stack. If that is not enough, in many Siemens freezers the shelves and compartments can be taken out so you can make even more room.

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Flexible use of the freezer. Thanks to varioZone.

  • varioZone

Siemens freezers adapt to your needs. You can vary the interior depending on what you want to freeze and how much room you need for it. For example, in freezers with varioZone you can simply remove all the compartments as well as the glass shelves between the drawers.

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Siemens varioZone

Efficient cooling, optimum energy balance.

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Siemens refrigerator-freezers work day and night to keep your food reliably fresh, and do it extremely energy-efficiently. To keep this high standard Siemens continuously develops new technologies to reduce energy consumption. In addition, most of our fridge-freezers have separate cooling circuits. This lets them maintain the appropriate temperatures in each section especially energy-efficiently. Refrigeration and freezing do not get more energy-efficient than this.

Always the right choice. For sure.

Treat yourself and your food - Siemens freezers offer plenty of convenience, and make sure your foods are properly stored. These extremely efficient appliances provide the latest technology, leaving you more time to enjoy life. Defrosting? With noFrost models, it is a thing of the past.

Regardless of how many people live in your household, whether you freeze big lots or small portions, Siemens has the ideal freezer or chest freezer for you. To make sure you never lose track of what's in there, Siemens freezers offer many ways to flexibly configure the interior, with removable shelves, drawers and separators or baskets. Visually, our upright models set standards, whether built-in as part of a coordinated kitchen or freestanding in a room. The choice is yours.

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