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Siemens freestanding refrigerator-freezers can be placed anywhere, and look good wherever they are.

Siemens innovative appliances do everything to keep your food fresher - without attracting any attention.

Want a quick look at what is in the fridge? This device has the cooling area at eye level.

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A new dimension of cold food storage, for people who need more than just a little more space.

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Life happens outside. Freshness awaits you at home.

You prefer having fresh food every day, but sometimes life changes your plans. For market fresh fruit and vegetables you now only need to make a short trip into your kitchen. More precisely, to the Siemens cooling appliances. The refrigerators and freezers are equipped with various freshness systems, that make keeping food fresh easy and flexible. Hence your meals will always taste great, no matter when you find the time to cook. Crisp vegetables, freshly caught fish, juicy steaks or refreshing drinks, will all stay fresh up to three times longer thanks to special temperature-controlled drawers and numerous technical innovations.

Fresh 2 times or 3 times as long - the choice is yours.

For good meals you need fresh ingredients. Siemens refrigerators come equipped with freshness systems that make keeping food fresh easy and flexible, so meals are always delicious regardless of when you find time to shop.

Keeps food fresh for longer thanks to vitaFresh and coolBox.

Fresh ingredients are the be all and end all when cooking, so the convenient Siemens refrigerator-freezers offer the ideal conditions for keeping food fresh.

The coolBox is perfect for storing fish and meat. It keeps the temperature 2 to 3°C lower than the rest of the interior. That makes this separate compartment the perfect place for fish and meat. It gives a good view of the contents, too.

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Siemens coolBox
Siemens vitaFresh

Many models have our innovative 0°C vitaFresh zones, that keep items fresh up to three times as long. How does it work? With optimal climate in your refrigerator-freezer combination. The various vitaFresh zones create the perfect climate – temperatures close to 0°C and the right humidity, dry for fish and meat or humid for fruits and vegetables. Your foods stay fresh and retain their vitamins and nutrients longer.

All refrigerator-freezers with vitaFresh

The feel-good place for fruits and vegetables. The crisperBox and the hydroFresh box.

Delicate foods like fruits and vegetables need the right temperature and humidity to stay fresh for a long time. Siemens refrigerators have special compartments that provide both.

Siemens hydroFresh Box
Siemens hydroFresh Box

The hydroFresh Box is ideal for storing fruits and vegetables. It keeps the air inside moist, so items stay fresh and crisp twice as long, while retaining flavour, vitamins and other nutrients. A slide control lets you adjust the humidity level.

All refrigerator-freezers with hydroFresh

The crisperBox is another ideal place to store produce. Whether strawberries, broccoli or lettuce – in the crisperBox you can easily adjust the moisture level to the food stored inside with a slide control. Everything stays crisp, fresh, and nutritious longer.

Siemens crisperBox

Everything in view. Everything is under control.

Siemens easyAccess glass shelves

The era of not knowing what's hiding in the back of the fridge is over. The easyAccess extending glass shelves always give you a good view of all items. The frameless glass shelves are elegant and robust. They can be pulled out up to the middle and loaded easily. Pulling them out is easy and they won't tip even when fully loaded.

All refrigerator-freezers with easyAccess glass shelves

Experience convenience. Without interruption.

Frozen yes, ice no. Siemens noFrost technology keeps ice from forming on the interior walls, and frost from forming on your food. An air circulation system removes excessive moisture, keeping the humidity in the ideal range. Ice and frost don't have a chance. And what does it need from you? Nothing. Never defrost again.

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Siemens noFrost technology

Everything fits here. The Siemens bigBox.

Siemens bigBox

Sometimes you just need more space in your freezer, like when you are stowing bulky foods or containers. Whether it is an entire leg of lamb, a stack of pizzas or a tall can, it will fit into a bigBox freezer. The bigBox is unusually high so you have plenty of room to stack. If that is not enough, in many Siemens freezers the shelves and compartments come right out so you can make even more room.

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Efficient cooling, optimum energy balance.

Siemens refrigerator-freezers work day and night to keep your food dependably fresh, and they do it extremely energy-efficiently. Siemens is constantly developing new technologies to reduce energy consumption. In addition, most of our refrigerator-freezers have separate cooling circuits. This lets them maintain the appropriate temperatures in each section especially energy-efficiently. Refrigeration and freezing do not get more energy-efficient than this.

Refrigerating and freezing. Siemens offers freshness in many facets

Siemens refrigerator-freezers

Whether you are looking for a freestanding or built-in unit, whether whether you want a top or bottom freezer compartment, with Siemens wide range of refrigerator-freezers you can find the right model for any lifestyle, any kitchen and any need. Their many functions ensure that you can prepare meals from food that is as fresh as the day you bought it. For example, the refrigerator-freezers do not just keep the right temperature, they also maintain the right humidity for all kinds of groceries

Inside and out, Siemens refrigerator-freezers stand out with their contemporary design. They are not just attractive to look at, they also offer lots of ways to configure the interior the way you want. See for yourself!

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