Washing and drying

Experience the laundry care of the future.

Comfort, performance and energy-efficiency: Siemens washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers always offer you state-of-the-art technology. Innovative functions not only provide optimal results when washing and drying, they also make your life easier.

Leave your laundry to the pros.

With their unique technical features, the innovative washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers from Siemens are absolute pros when it comes to optimal, efficient laundry care. Numerous functions and programmes ensure that you can relax and attend to the good things in life: stubborn stains disappear without effort, detergent is dosed automatically and exactly as needed, and even wool clothing keeps its shape – to name just a few of the advantages that laundry care appliances from Siemens offer you.

Washing machine and dryer from Siemens
Control panel of a Siemens washing machine

The future is moving in – with washing machines and dryers from Siemens. Thanks to innovative technology and a large variety of programmes, you can wash and dry your laundry as you wish: quickly, gently and always efficiently. And if you want to benefit from the advantages of both worlds – washing and drying – in especially tight spaces, Siemens has the right solution for this as well: the combined washer-dryers.

Outstanding design. For your home.

Siemens household appliances will bring you a lot of enjoyment – not only because of their outstanding performance. The appliances are also impressive thanks to their attractive appearance. Trend-setting design, high-quality materials and precise workmanship characterise Siemens washing machines, dryers and washer-dryers. Well-designed operating ergonomics also ensure simple, efficient usability. Incidentally, many international design juries also think so, such as the juries of the Red Dot design award and the iF design award.

  • iF design awards
  • Red Dot Design Award
Washing machines and dryers from Siemens
Washing machines and dryers from Siemens

Create the perfect setting in your home. You can ideally combine the models in the iQ800 series from Siemens – they complement each other perfectly, both functionally and visually. Siemens household appliances thus always create visual highlights in open living spaces or bathrooms.

Technology you can rely on.

Innovation is tradition at Siemens. For over 150 years, engineers have developed modern technologies, ensuring that the future moves in with you at home. Siemens washing machines, dryers, and washer-dryers are impressive not only thanks to their performance, but also to their operating convenience and many innovative functions. That is, innovation that pays off: Numerous Siemens washing machines, dryers, and washer-dryers rank among the most energy-efficient appliances worldwide. That is because in recent years the energy and water consumption of Siemens appliances has been significantly reduced.

Washing machine from Siemens


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