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With freestanding front loader washing machines from Siemens, your options are especially flexible.

iSensoric: The sensor-controlled technology for perfect laundry care

Siemens iSensoric is the ground-breaking innovation in laundry care. It is an elaborate, self-regulating system which consists of numerous sensors and an outstandingly intelligent software. The uniqueness of the system, however, is the interaction between the sensors and the software. Together, they automatically detect, calculate, steer, and control every step of the washing process and treat every single wash load individually. For serving one ultimate purpose: to get the most perfect washing result, with as little resources as possible.

Measure precisely with i-Dos. Easier and more precise than ever before.

Bring the future into your home – and be fascinated by i-Dos, the world's first precision dispensing system for washing machines. It eliminates a crucial question when doing laundry: How much detergent does the laundry need?

i-Dos automatically determines the correct amount of detergent for each wash cycle – and dispenses it precisely to the millilitre. To do so, i-Dos closely examines your laundry via sensors and calculates the required amount of detergent based on various factors such as type of fabric, load size, and especially the degree of soiling. With the efficient washing machines from Siemens, you are always sure to get optimum results. i-Dos - powered by iSensoric.

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The i-Dos automatic dispensing system from Siemens

Remain flexible. With varioPerfect.

Siemens washing machines with varioPerfect

With innovative technologies, Siemens washing machines open up unimagined possibilities time and again, giving you the flexibility that you want. This also applies to the question: Do I want an particularly fast or an especially energy-efficient wash? With the varioPerfect function for your washing machine, you can easily decide between those options with every new washing load.

Select the speedPerfect option when you want to save time and your laundry to be perfectly cleaned quickly. With speedPerfect, your washing machines saves up to 65% of the time*, depending on the selected washing programme. In contrast, with the ecoPerfect option, you reduce your washing machine's energy consumption – by up to 50%**. You can activate either option in all standard and special programmes of your washing machine except for wool/handwash and super15.

* Cottons 60°C: ecoPerfect compared with speedPerfect option.

** Cottons 60°C: speedPerfect compared with ecoPerfect option.

All washing machines with varioPerfect

Perfectly equipped. With the Outdoor/waterproofing programme.

People who exercise outdoors regularly and put high demands on their functional clothing, such as breathable or waterproof outdoor and sports clothing, know just how important special care is for these textiles.

The sensor controlled outdoor/impregnation programme automatically of Siemens washing machines reliably cleans and protects your high-quality functional textiles. You can also add a waterproofing agent as needed. Through this wash-in agent, the optimised temperature, and the special drum movements, the programme renews the water-repellent function of your textiles. Their breathing properties are fully preserved.

With the outdoor/impregnation programme of Siemens washing machines, you have fresh, clean functional clothing in an instant – so you can get out again quickly and enjoy what really moves you.

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The outdoor/waterproofing programme of Siemens washing machines

Measured to the last drop. Water management with waterPerfect Plus.

Washing machines with waterPerfect Plus from Siemens

With waterPerfect Plus always the optimum amount of water is dispensed into the drum of your Siemens washing machine. The sophisticated sensor system of this intelligent water management system ensures maximum water efficiency: It recognizes not only the type of fabric, but also the precise load size. Depending on these two factors, the waterPerfect Plus function determines the required amount of water – automatically and precisely. This means that you always achieve a perfect wash result with optimal water consumption. waterPerfect Plus - powered by iSensoric.

Stain be gone. Fully automatically with the stain removal system.

With Siemens washing machines your clothes are as clean after each wash cycle as on the day you first got them – even after heavy soiling. This is ensured by the world's first stain removal system in selected washing machine models: Whether tomato, red wine or grass, the highly intelligent sensor system knows how to remove up to 16 of the most stubborn stains. You select the corresponding stain on the display, and the appliance automatically adjusts certain settings. You can use the stain options in almost all standard and special programmes. Stain removal system - powered by iSensoric.

All washing machines with stainRemoval

The stain removal system from Siemens also fights red wine stains

Get perfect washing results in up to 65% less time.

If activated, speedPerfect automatically detects, where time can be saved. With the ‘flow sensor’ and the ‘load sensor Plus’, selected machines detect load volume and kind of textile and hence adapts the washing process time-efficiently to the specific load. Additionally, the bleach in the detergent is activated faster with slightly higher temperatures, controlled by the ‘temperature sensor’. For perfect results in up to 65% less time.

Best results. With laundry care from Siemens.

Siemens washing machines offer you convenient, efficient laundry care. They combine innovative technologies and functions with attractive design and intuitive operation. This makes washing laundry easy through the intelligent, sensor-regulated System – and gives you more time to enjoy the good things in life.

The choice of Siemens washing machines is wide. The right model is available for every taste. Not only can you select between different designs and operating systems, but you can also choose functions that you need for your laundry care. You will be astonished by what our models offer, from the basic appliance to the premium product.

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Intelligent laundry care with Siemens washing machines